(part II)

We talked, we walked, we played, we laughed. We experienced the space in the canteen of the dormitory Goce Delchev and the courtyard. Students were filled with ideas and visions for the future of this extraterrestrial space designed by architect Georgi Konstantinovski in the 1970s.

How do we live the quality spaces we have inherited from past generations? How to give them a new energy and life that will meet our current needs as a youth in Skopje?

Tutors from different professions led the whole process and created fluid energy that we did not want to separate rom. Tutors were: Stefan Momic from Pirka Audio Visual Platform, Ivana Balabanova from the Beatrix dance group, Milos B. Andonovski from the theater group Theater for All, Rade Kekenovski – co-organizer of Skopje Street Festival  2019 and Kristijan Kalinov from Retweet a Meal.

This workshop, Domot e nash 2, is a second event organizaed by MELEEM at the student dormitory. Follow the link to check the first event Domot e nash which happened in 2013.

Photos: Frozen Time Drops

This activity is part of the project “Domot e nash 2”, implemented by the winner of the Youth Participation Award, MELEM Skopje – Association for Urban Culture Development and Space Actualization, and is supported by the USAID Civic Engagement Project.