(part I)

On September 21st 2019, a workshop was held at the student dormitory Goce Delcev in Skopje. The topic of the workshop was How to reanimate the dormitory? The workshop was led by 5 tutors, young and successful activists in the cultural field in Macedonia. All of the 5 tutors asked the following questions which resulted in several discussions:
– Milos B. Andonovski from Theater for All: What is the “yard” as a space for you?
– Rade Kekenovski: What are the relations between the city and the dormitory’s tenants? How to improve them?
– Stefan Momic: How to create a unique experience in the yard that cannot be found elsewhere in the city?
– Kristian Kalinov: What needs to be done for the yard to be maintained? Can we guarantee sustainability in maintenance?
– Ivana Balabanova – What determines whether you get involved in the realization of projects in the city where you live?

On all these issues, students discussed and came up with more than 5 ideas for new initiatives.

This workshop, Domot e nash 2, is a second event organizaed by MELEEM at the student dormitory. Follow the link to check the first event Domot e nash which happened in 2013.

Photos: Martina Peneva

This activity is part of the project “Domot e nash 2”, implemented by the winner of the Youth Participation Award, MELEM Skopje – Association for Urban Culture Development and Space Actualization, and is supported by the USAID Civic Engagement Project.