The dormitory is ours


The cultural event “The dormitory is ours” was organized by MELEEM in the middle of the yard of the student’s dormitory “Goce Delchev” in Skopje on the 21st of September 2013. The goal of the event was to revive this space where students pass by every day but it seems as they neglect its quality.

Also, the purpose of the event was to point out this space to the institutions responsible for its maintenance.

The program of the event was the following:
1. Arranging the space (mowing the grass, collecting the trash and setting bins by PAKOMAK)
2. Lecture by the professor Georgi Konstantinovski – the architect of the complex
3. Screening of short films by students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts
The big Petar – Lavinija Sofronievska
On the way home – Dina Duma
Between – Vladimir Mitrevski Gjule
4. Audio visual performance by Lepi Xhoni vs Krist Krst
5. DJ set by DJ CJ
6. The unexpected beat box by Teo and Nikola, students from the dormitory Goce Delchev

The event wouldn’t be the same if we hadn’t had the help by the door-woman of entrance A and the doorman from entrance B in acquiring chairs, and the cleaning ladies that helped us clean up the garbage.

All the photos are by Arnaud Lanouiller.