This subtle 4 elements create a space inside and outside, but also space between. They are affordable and changeable due to the wheels attached to them.

Contemporary outdoor and indoor spaces are in need of fluid, adaptable to different uses and transformable options. The contemporary people in the cities are using same space for different activities. This happens from the smallest to the biggest scale. Either for small apartment or enormous office space. This 4 modular panels create diversity and flexibility which is easy to handle by users, also children.

The spatial installation is consisted of 4 moving elements that connected could create one enclosed square of 4 m2 and disconnected could create various spatial dispositions. The elements are movable on wheels so the movement is very fluid and flexible depending on the user needs.

This installation could be used as outdoor furniture as a division of spaces for outdoor restaurants, pools and yards of residential areas or kindergartens, but it could be also used for indoor spaces like offices, home and indoor restaurants.

Materials that are used are wood for the frames, and white mesh. The wheels are from simple plastic material.

Initially the design was created as a prototype for an exhibition Museum Debar Maalo organized by Reborn and RedBull Macedonia as a prototype, but it has full potential to be further developed as a product. The installation was realized and exhibited on the 3rd of June 2018.