On the 25th of September at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Skopje was held the event SKOPJE SVETSKI GRAD (SKOPJE: a world city).

The program included:
>> a lecture about the sustainable development of the cities, held by the renowned professor and architect Lluis Vives from Barcelona
>> a presentation by Dragica Zdraveska, a representative of “Javen prostor Prilep” (Public Space Prilep)

Photography of the event: Elena Fidanska

The project also included a 4-day tour around Skopje, visiting important buildings in the city where several architecture students from Skopje took participation.

. . .

Living in Skopje 55 years after the earthquake in 1963, the city is still developing in an unsustainable way, facing serious problems concerning: gluttony, mass centralization, unplanned and uncontrolled building, extreme air and environmental pollution and inadequate cultural program for the citizens.

SKOPJE: a world city is a call to point out the surroundings where the architectural building is positioned and her effects on the urban environment, the greenery, the pedestrian and cycling tracks, the spaces for children’s play, people’s walking areas, people’s view of the city etc.