CALL for Participants
For 5 day workshop during Tbilisi Architecture Biennial
2-6 November 2020

The partnership program between MELEEM Skopje and Tbilisi Architecture Biennial will be presented through an exchange workshop and mutual learning. MOOD workshop wants to discover the moods of a site specific neighborhood in the city of Tbilisi and in the city of Skopje.
We live in the cities that constantly change. Sometimes this change is not physical and so obvious but it is more about how people use the physical space. The public space is keeping memory from the past and it transfers messages from different generations. But today, we don’t use the same space in the same way. Even more people from different generations don’t use the same space equally. This workshop will examine the different MOODs of using the public and shared spaces, the spaces that are common. This workshop goes deeper at the topic of togetherness. Urban planning used to care more about physical shapes of the city, but today it has to care more about the psychical condition of the people and their habitudes.

Taking in consideration the recent situation with the COVID virus, public space has important effects from it. Public space proved to be very important for the citizens, but also people are learning how to use it properly so they are safe and protected. This workshop will take in consideration the safety and the changing of people mood due to this situation. This installations will emphasize this important cities challenge too.

Two teams, one from Skopje and one from Tbilisi will work together on two similar sites in public space in Skopje and Tbilisi. These teams will be led by tutors from MELEEM Skopje and from Tbilisi. Participants at this workshop will be students in architecture, urban planning, design and similar. The goal for both teams is to design urban interventions in preselected public spaces that later on in 2021 will be built up on site.

Participants should be:
– Students in architecture, urban planning, design or similar
– Interested into improving cities
Participants’ activities:
– 2-6 November participation during workshop, drawing, debating, designing urban
intervention for pre-selected public spaces in Skopje and Tbilisi.
Important notes:
– Participation in all days is mandatory.
– Each participant should use their own laptop/computer in order to participate at the
– Participation is free of charge
– The amount of participants is limited to 20.
– Each participant will receive a certificate upon finishing the workshop.
– Workshop language is English. 

How to apply
Fill in the short form to apply.

Deadline 31/10/2020

Tutors and speakers