On December 23rd 2019, invited by ELKA MK, a twitter initiative for raising awareness about waste and recycling plastic, we participated into an yearly event of building a Christmas tree made of used plastic bottles. The initiative included collecting used plastic bottles that the citizens of Skopje could bring on several busy places in the city during one week.

The design of the Christmas tree was based on the concept of a self-standing tree using the strength of the plastic bottle itself. Bottles were grouped in batches of 3 and tied with rope. For additional strength and stability, the bottom layer was filled with water. Around 20 people participated in the process. We managed to build a Christmas tree over 2m high with around 1500 bottles. The location of the Christmas tree was park Forum where our project Skopje 55 took place.

Later, the plastic bottles were bought by a recycling company and the money gathered were donated to a family in need.

We will always support this kind of initiatives that raise awareness about important questions and put a social element into its cause.