Urban Modular

Urban modular is a project that includes series of urban interventions in public space that use wood as a construction material.

Urban modular wants to create a seating place for one person in the pubic space, instead of the typical way of sitting benches that fit 3 people where the young usually sit on the top part of the bench in order to have a visual connection with the company. The design is inspired by the free setting of furniture on the street by the locals, in their own arrangement with the goal to create a comfortable ambient in the public space.

detal 1


With different combinations of the Urban modular, we create seating positions that simplify the communication of the people at different height levels.

The urban equipment is suitable for various activities depending on the context the modules are set in. Sunbathing, reading a book, theater performances, watching a basketball game, art performances are only a few we can mention.
Additionally, the structure of the Urban modular allows climbing and play of children which in these times of technology overdose, spend a lot of time at home and don’t utilize the public space enough.

Meleem Project URBAN MODULAR Prilep Macedonia Architect Sara Simoska


So far, there are 12 prototypes of the Urban modular developed, which provide varying combinations for their connection. The design of Urban modular is by architect Sara Simoska.

The Urban Modular is placed at 2 locations so far: in a small park next to a basetball court and in the backyard of a Center of Culture and Library in Prilep.

If you want Urban Modular in your town, feel free to contact us.

Urban modular MELEEM 2Tetovo, June 2017

letna citalnaPrilep, November 2017