Urban modular at Mikser festival

Exhibition: Urban modular








The design wants to create a seating place for one person in the pubic space, instead of the typical way of sitting benches that fit 3 people where the young usually sit on the top part of the bench in order to have a visual connection with the company. The design is inspired by the free setting of furniture on the street by the locals, in their own arrangement with the goal to create a comfortable ambient in the public space.


With different combinations of the urban modular there can be different seating positions and a simplified communication of the people at different height levels. Also, the urban equipment is ideal for sunbathing, reading a book, theater performances, watching a basketball game, performance etc. Additionally, the structure of the urban modular allows climbing and play of children with in these times of technology spend a lot of time at home and don’t utilize the public space enough.

There are 11 prototypes of the urban modular developed which provide varying combinations for their connection. At the exhibition, all of the modules are presented as a model and also one prototype.

Authors of the project are Sara Simoska, Maja Lozanoska and Ilina Cvetkova.

The urban equipment will be set in the park Ajduchko in Tetovo on the 10th of June as a part of the initiative for the campaign “Mrdni so prst” whose goal is raising the public awareness of the various possibilities for social changes that are in the range of each individual, as well as offer ideas and possibilities for contribution to specific activities within the community where the citizens can take individual, but also collective participation.