“You don’t paint the same things in Paris, New York or Tetovo” – Lartmada


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Lartmada is a collective from the world of graffiti, founded in Marseille in 2002. The collective consists of 3 painters (Jaw, Remy Uno, Heng) and a photographer (Twix) who joined together on this group the first hour working on their first project (Sowat Gray Onicks).

Over the years, the practice of painting became their main activity. They have associated with their graphic skills to set up their workshop. They left their mark in many cities around the world like Johannesburg, Barcelona, Agadir, Sao Paolo and also in Tetovo, Macedonia.


Tetovo is a city in the western part of Macedonia where you can easily see the different cultural layers of the society. It’s an example of multicultural living. We are very happy to have Lartmada’s sign becoming part of the big puzzle of differences in Tetovo.

MELEEM contacted Remy Uno, one of the graffiti artists from Lartmada about the fascinating graffiti at the entrance of Tetovo. All the photos are taken from Lartmada’s website. Read what they have to say.

You can find out more about the graffiti in Tetovo and about Lartmada’s work here http://lartmada.com/portfolio/tetovo/.

What does the graffiti in Tetovo mean?

Hi, it’s nice to hear about your interest, specially from such a distant place. This wall is still a great memory for us, we painted it in just one week, so it was very intense.

We were contacted by the Alliance Francaise of Tetovo who organized the project with other people from Tetovo. We were asked to create a fresco about sustainable development. So, we drew a human being that tries to make all of its boxes work together: nature, animals, cities, trees, weather. All those things have to be related to fit in the same environment. I don’t remember what was the process of creation that brought us there, but eventually, it ended up like that.

Why Tetovo and why the entrance in Tetovo?

The Alliance Francaise helped us and also negotiated the wall. We would like so much to do the other side of the wall to paint something else, but so far, it never happened. If you know some people there, give them a call 😉

What inspires you, why do you choose graffiti as a medium for expression? Are you inspired by the certain location?

We’re four, so we’re all inspired by different things and paint with our own style. We put that together and at the end it makes a large piece. And Graffiti… well, we met each other in Marseille through the graffiti, I can’t explain the reason for each of us. Maybe it’s because of the epoch, the will to do thing that appear important in a way, or just different, the will to do things with no rules, that imply no money, just creativity, fun, adrenaline, friendship… It would be very long to explain, I guess.

About the location… when we go to paint in different countries or cities than Marseille, we never draw before being in the very place. We first want to see, breathe the place and and at the end, we end up imagining things we wouldn’t have thought about in the first place. You don’t paint the same things in Paris, New York or Tetovo. You do it with your own style, but you try to get something that belongs to the place you are.

What is noticeable is the large size of the graffiti…

It’s not a question… But yes it’s a big wall.

What are you working on in this period?

Right now, we’re moving to a new working space, so we are working on it (break walls, do electricity, paint walls…). As we’re not so good at it, it takes time.